Brakes System

Your vehicle’s brake system is a fundamental part for both driving and driving safely, if you have recently noticed any grinding, vibrating or experienced any other odd noises which you think may be coming from the brakes system do not hesitate to drop by at our garage (based in Blackheath) for a quick and professional service. We prefer to get people back on the road quickly whilst ensuring safety is just as high a priority.

Our Brake Repair and Diagnosis include,

  • Road Test Vehicle
  • Inspect brake system
Removal and replacement of brake pads and shoes, if necessary
  • Replacement or resurfacing of rotors, if necessary
  • Flush of brake fluids
  • Adjustment and cleaning of brakes
  • Anti-lock brake system repair, if necessary

For those who do need to get your brakes services (or even just looked at) you can find our contact details at the top of each page OR you can head over to the contacts page where you will find our opening times and a nice big map to help you plan your journey to Yao’s Autotech Garage.

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