Timing Belt & Head Gasket

Head gasket and timing belt repairs are fully undertaken here at Yao’s Autotech, timing belt maintenance is very important as this helps keep your vehicle free from potential and significant breakages.

Depending on the type of engine your car features, a broken timing belt can be the sole cause of severe valve-to-piston damage. The head gasket and other parts of the vehicle are also at risk which can help extend the time taken to repair any vehicle. If severe damage has occurred to the internal workings of your car, new parts will need to be sourced (which we also can provide) though in some circumstances a rebuild / reconditioning should do perfectly fine.

For professional advice its recommended that you contact your local mechanic, alternatively you can phone our garage where our staff will be more than willing to answer any query’s regarding both the timing belt and head gasket as-well as any other issues you may have experienced with your vehicle. Details for contacting Yao’s Autotech can be found on our dedicated contacts page, information on our opening times, email and contact numbers can be found there aswell as a handy map to help you plan your journey to our garage.

Our services cover all types of vehicle repair / maintenance, if you want quick advice on the basic services we provide (here at Yao’s Autotech) check out our dedicated services page, located here.

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