Terms & Conditions

The Terms and conditions form at Yao’s Autotech require your agreement and signature before any work is carried out, our terms are as follows…
  • Note that an inspection will be made with the owner before the vehicle is left in our permission, any major damage to the body will be marked down on the diagram “featured below on this page” and then a form is to be signed by you, (the car owner).
  • Please make sure that any valuables or personal belongings are removed from your vehicle before it is left on our premises, we will not be held liable for any missing items. If anything is left behind, it will be at the owners risk and their responsibility.
  • Please also note that due to limited space, when jobs are finished vehicles need to be picked up. Any vehicle left at our facility will incur a daily storage charge of £20.00

We do apologies for the terms and conditions act, however this has been enforced due to recent customers being dishonest. We at Yao’s Autotech would like to say thank you for your time to read our terms and conditions.

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