Battery Service

We supply and renew all types of quality car batteries, types include various brands, models and sizes for both car, van and some other types of vehicle. Some cars require a particular battery to match specific voltage or amp-age requirements, so which ever one it is your car needs, we can help find the right one.

It is possible that each brand, model and year of car will be subject to its own particular amp and physical size of battery. It’s worth noting that we prefer replacing / refitting batteries from reputable manufactures only, as batteries from well sourced manufactures will come with their own warranty (the length of warranty is subject to the brand of battery)

Our battery servicing includes a low cost battery fitting and or a battery replacement. For additional information surrounding our car battery fitment / service do not hesitate to drop by or contact our garage. Visit Yao’s contact page for opening hours, phone numbers and a map to plan your journey to our garage.



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