Engine Rebuild

An “engine overhaul” or “engine rebuild” is yet another specialist service we at Yao’s Autotech are proficient in undertaking, the basic process to rebuilding an engine is to dismantle, inspect, clean and if needed repair parts or replace them. This will then bring the engine back up to the manufactures level of specifications…

Engine reconditioning by definition means an engine has received drastic repairs which include major procedures such as re-boring the block, re-facing the valves and re-grinding the crankshaft. In essence, all areas need to have received attention as this is what brings the engine back to its “as new” condition.

Although the job is labour intensive, getting your engine rebuilt is highly cost-effective when you consider buying an engine from new or second-hand (and then having it fitted). Choosing to have your engine over hauled can extend the life of your vehicle and may provide an ideal option for your circumstance.

Technically speaking, rebuilt engines are different from overhauled engines, as rebuilt or re-manufactured engines will either save or fix parts based on the amount of wear or damage the engine has received whereas Overhauled engines contain only a few replaced parts, at full cost.

UPDATE: We are now offering a pickup and delivery service for any engine work that needs to be carried out, all makes and models of vehicle apply.

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